Established since 1947

As one of the oldest schools around, we pride ourselves in providing the highest quality training programmes.
We have a range of planes in our fleet, so when you fly with us it really is onwards and upwards!

Fun for the Whole Family

Why not become a pilot and take the kids out for a spin or even show mum and dad the wonders of the sky!
As a professional, family run business we know the importance of everyone enjoying what we do.

40 minutes from London

As one of the closest schools to the heart of London we attract students from all over the South-East.
Regular train services run to Bromley South and Hayes (Kent) from central London.
We are only 15 minutes from the M25 Junctions 4 and 6 too!

Accredited by CAA & EASA

Being accredited means we have to adhere to strict policies set by the industry, giving you peace of mind too.
We take great pride in having a long history and excellent working relationship with the UK CAA.
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Our Expertise

For nearly 30 years we have not only invested in our business to drive it forward, but just as important all the many guys and gals who have worked side by side with us. Our ethos revolves around the fact that if we treat each other well then this filters down to every level in the business.

We are a dynamic school with best practice not coming from one person as policy, but each one of us pushing forth ideas and challenges to better ourselves and our program so you benefit from it.

Our school trains instructors. That’s right. In house is the best way to make sure you receive the best experience possible. Some of our instructors have a military background, some civilian. Some work in the public or private sectors. To become a great pilot there is no set formula. Everyone here is passionate about what they do and we know that you will see that too.

Here at EFG we know you will find as much joy in flying as we do. Whether your course is for fun or a step towards your next career let us lead the way.

Courses at Fly EFG

We are always conducting courses!

There’s no need to worry about starting dates, just give us a call and we’ll see when the next available slot is for you to start following your dreams! Here are a few of the courses we can offer.

  • Night Qualification
  • Commercial Pilot Licence
  • Private Pilots Licence PPL A
  • Flight Instructor Courses
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What Clients Say

Just finished my CPL license with EFG and was very happy with a school that had lots of professional experience and knowledge in the area of pilot licenses and handling the wonderful CAA and the various hurdles they throw up in front of you.
B Bendsten

What Clients Say

It has been a pleasure working with Anoop and his team at Falcon. We have had to call quite often outside office hours and they have always been very accommodating to work around our clients who have last minute requests and changes.
C Van Reyk