EASA Private Pilot Licence

Any pilot you meet will always tell you, their single greatest achievement was to gain the Private Pilot Licence. As a valuable skill it shapes the manner in which you view the world, both from the cockpit and on the ground.

The added bonus is that you will have access to the freedom of the skies and get to see so many different places that most people can only dream of. As an Internationally recognised licence some states such as USA will allow you to gain your FAA PPL with a bit of paperwork!

The PPL is a minimum 45 hour course, however one’s own aptitude and consistency will determine the length of time and hours required to be up to standard for test. Whilst a structured course, the PPL can be scheduled around work and education. A more dedicated schedule is ideal but we understand the pressures of life, and we do not always have the flexibility to leave our jobs to do this. With this in mind we are open 7 days a week in order to cater for your progression.

Based on flying once a week allow approx. 12-18 months for course completion. On a full time basis it could be completed in little as 3-4 months. However please be aware this is all subject to weather, time and your own progression.

When you have finished the PPL we offer a large range of further courses for you, however in the meantime why not hire one of our aircraft for the day and take a friend or loved one to Le Touquet!

About the Course

The aim of this course is to train Ab Intio (from the beginning) Students to the level of proficiency necessary for the issue of a PPL(A) in a 2 seat Cessna 152 or 4 seat Piper Warrior PA28.

The Private Pilot’s curriculum will be your first step into the exciting world of aviation. You will learn basic aerodynamics, and principles of flight. The flight training follows the EASA syllabus, encompassing 45 hours of flying time, to include pre-flight preparation, ground handling, airport and traffic pattern operations, basic and advanced manoeuvre proficiency, cross country flying, short and grass field operations, emergency procedures and post-flight de-briefs.

  • Minimum 14 years old
  • Gain Class 2 Medical prior to first solo (from 16 years of age)
  • Licence Issue from 17 years of age
Minimum 45 hours total training:

  • 25 hours will be dual
  • Pass 9 Grounds Exams
  • A solo qualifying cross country flight, landing at two airfields and covering 150 nautical miles
  • Pass Licence Skill Test
45 Hours

  • 35 Landings
  • 50 Circuits
  • 9 Exams (1 attempt)
  • 1 Yr Membership
  • Ground Briefing
  • Fuel surcharge
  • Away Landing fees
  • CAA and examiner fees
  • All hours or landings over and above those included with this package.

Pay in 4 installments…

The benefit with the instalment package is that you get flexibility with your money. We all know how many other commitments in life exist, so here at EFG we try make it more cost effective to fly. The package is split up into 4 easy to pay instalments each payable when you start them and with a validity of 6 month per instalment you don’t have to worry about going on holiday and coming back without any hours left!

For students undertaking intense training programs over a short period of time can pay in one lump sum, however this is only available for full time students.

  • Installment 1 | 8 hours flying, 8 landings, 50 circuits, 3 ground exams
  • Installment 2 | 8 hours flying, 8 landings, 1 ground exam
  • Installment 3 | 15 hours flying, 10 landings, 3 ground exams
  • Installment 4 | 14 hours flying, 9 landings, 2 ground exams
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Learn in Piper Warrior PA28

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