5 Hour Packages

If becoming a pilot is a real dream of yours and even possibly a career choice, then this heavily discounted 5 hour Introductory Package couldn’t be better!

The package is a low cost way of finding out if learning to fly is for you. The last thing anyone wants is to commit to a course with the uncertainty that they may not want to complete it. So this package gives you all the advantages of touching the clouds without any of the drawbacks!

With 5 x one hour slots which all count towards your licence, you will be immersed into the world of aviation. Whether you wish to book a 2-3 slots per week or once a week you will receive the same fantastic standard of training and follow a structured syllabus aimed at teaching you the first part of the Private Pilot Licence.

About the Course

During your time in the air you will learn about flying straight and level, climbing and descending and may even get to assist the instructor landing the aircraft. Your choices of Aircraft are the 2 seat Cessna 152 and 4 seat Piper Warrior PA28.

As with any course there is  a degree of ground briefing for each lesson too. Here you will assess the weather conditions of the day and run through the lesson you will be flying. Our package includes a log book and checklist to help you get you on your way towards your PPL. The only thing left to do is book up!

5 Hours PPL Instruction

  • 5 Landings
  • School Membership for the duration of the course
  • Aircraft Log Book
  • Aircraft Checklist

Learn in Cessna 152

£POAinc. VAT
  • One package per person

Learn in Piper Warrior PA28

£POAinc. VAT
  • One package per person
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