Flight Instructor Courses

All our Professional Pilot courses are conducted under our sister approval Falcon Flight Training Academy Limited GBR ATO 0144.


Becoming a flight instructor is seen as possibly the most rewarding of all aviation careers. Imparting your knowledge amongst our future pilots will certainly be a lagacy to be proud of.

The grant of an EASA Flight Instructor Certificate will allow the you to conduct flight instruction for the issue, revalidation or renewal of an EASA PPL, BPL, SPL, LAPL in the appropriate aircraft category.

About the Course

The duration of the course will normally be 5-6 weeks. On completion of the course a ground and flight test will be carried out by a Flight Instructor Examiner.

Other Flight Instructor courses offered by Fly EFG include Night Rating Instructor Course, Class Rating Instructor Course and Instrument Rating Instructor Course.

30 hours of flight instruction covering the PPL(A) syllabus

125 hours of theoretical knowledge instruction to include:

  • 40 hours tuition
  • 78 hours teaching practice
  • 7 hours progress tests
  • Have completed at least 10 hours of instrument flight instruction on the appropriate aircraft category, of which not more than 5 hours may be instrument ground time in an FSTD simulator
  • Pre Acceptance Flight Test (free if passed) as per based upon the proficiency check within the 6 months preceding the course
  • Hold a valid CPL(A) OR
  • Have a PPL(A) and have completed least 200 hours flight time on aeroplanes or TMG, with 150 hours PIC
  • 6 months preceding the required pre-acceptance flight test
  • Have completed a VFR cross-country flight as PIC, including a flight of at least 300 nautical miles in the course of which 2 full stop landings at 2 different aerodromes shall be made

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