Cessna 152

Here at EFG we have 3 Cessna 152 aircraft available for Trial lessons, flight training and private hire.

As the most successful two seat training Aircraft in history, the Cessna 152 is used across the globe. The Cessna 152 has a fixed under-carriage and high wings for perfect visibility around.

Used by flying schools and private owners globally this is a firm favourite for many enthusiasts looking for an affordable entry in to the world of General Aviation.

Below are some generic figures not to be used for any planning of any sort.

Length: 7.3 m

Wing area: 14.9 m²
Cruising Speed: 110 knots (204 km/h)
Engine: Single engine
Seats: 2
Rate of climb: 715 ft/min (36 m/s)
Max. Take-off Weight: 1.670 lbs (757 kg)
Range: 414 nm (768 km)
Take-off runway length required: 725 ft (221 m)

Landing runway length required 445 ft (139 m)

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