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Not Only A Pleasurable Flight But Your First Flying Lesson!

A Trial Lesson follows a typical first lesson format with the emphasis on you taking the controls and flying. After a short briefing on the ground on the effects of the flying controls and how to manoeuvre the aircraft the instructor will do the pre flight checks with you and instruct you on taxing to the runway holding point ready for take off. Once airborne and familiar with the controls you will be flying the aircraft following exercise three (“Straight & Level”) of the Private Pilots Licence syllabus. On your return you will be presented with a First Flight Certificate with the details of your flight, and this first hour can count towards gaining your Licence.

All prices subject to change. Terms & Conditions available upon request

Note: All participants of flying lessons must be over 14 years old. All Lessons are conducted as such and are not pleasure flights in anyway – although they are pleasurable! Participants can (subject to conditions on the day) take an additional person in the back of the 4 seat Warrior PA28 as an observer. This person will enjoy the lesson from a 3rd person perspective and will join in during the briefing.

You can choose to take your lesson, either in one of our Cessna 152 Aircraft or PA28 Aircraft. The Cessna is a two seat aircraft and the PA28 is a four seat aircraft. Should you choose to take a lesson in a PA28 Aircraft, you can take along an observer in the back of the aircraft who is interested in learning to fly!

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